How to Protect Your Investment with Parts and Accessories from E-Z-GO®

E-Z-GO® makes sure our golf carts are dependable and worry-free. But keeping them clean and secure — that’s up to you.

Whether you own a golf course fleet or a vehicle for cruising the neighborhood, caring for your land, or ranching, maintaining that brand-new cart appearance requires lots of care. Proper cleaning keeps your golf cart looking great, and a clean vehicle better represents you, or your organization. You also need to protect your golf cart and keep it secure, no matter where you park it.


If you take the time to periodically tidy your cart, you’ll never have to spend long periods of time doing deep cleaning. For example, remove all garbage and wipe down surfaces, like the seats or dashboard, when they become soiled. However, there are some occasions when you’ll want to detail your golf cart and make it look brand-new.

Here are a few ways you can keep your golf cart looking like new:

  • When washing the body of your golf cart, use only clean water and a non-detergent soap that’s safe for automotive use. Check the label if you aren’t sure. Your golf cart’s body material is the same as auto bumper covers, so the cleaning solution you choose must be friendly to basecoat and clear-coat finishes. Consider E-Z-GO® Cleaning & Restoration Trio for everyday cleaning.
  • Using a garden hose to spray your golf cart is the safest cleaning option, but take extra care if you choose to use a pressure washer. Limit the spray to a maximum of 700 PSI, and extend the fan out as wide as it can go to avoid damage to your golf cart’s finish. No matter which way you choose to spray off your cart, take care to keep its electronic components dry.
  • Always use a soft cloth or sponge — not a golf towel — to wash your golf cart, and grab a soft microfiber cloth to dry. Never wash it in direct sunlight, which can leave unsightly water spots, marks, and streaks.
  • When cleaning windshields, it’s best to use regular soap and water. Alcohol-based cleaners or cleaners made especially for glass can damage the acrylic in windshields. Try E-Z-GO® Windshield and Plastic Protector for a streak-free finish.
  • Just like an automobile, your golf cart could use regular waxing, but don’t use compounds with harsh abrasives, which will scratch surfaces. Read all labels before using a product on your golf cart. Test your product of choice on an inconspicuous area first before applying it to your entire cart.
  • Avoid using plastic protector sprays on your floor mats, seats, and steering wheel. Sprays can make them slippery and difficult to grip. Safety first!
  • Acidic cleansers can damage the polished finish of your golf cart’s wheels. Be careful when using aluminum wheel cleaners on polished aluminum wheels. Try a test area first before committing to using any new product on your golf cart.
  • When cleaning vinyl seats, use cleaners designed for automotive vinyl seats. These are available for purchase at your local auto parts store. If your seats have significant damage, consider replacing the seat covers for a refreshed, new look and added comfort for your rides.
  • Install accessories to help keep your golf cart clean during use. Consider items like the soft-swipe spike cleaner for quick shoe clean-ups during your golf game. How about a set of floor mats in the color of your choice?
  • When it’s not in use, park your golf cart in a covered area to protect it from direct sunlight and falling debris, like leaves or tree limbs. Use a storage cover if you don’t have a garage or carport to park under, or to keep your golf cart clean during the off-season.

Preserving the look of your golf cart increases resale value, protects your investment, and makes you look great, too. If you are maintaining a golf course fleet, your golf carts are the number-one touchpoint with customers, so they need to look clean.


Golf carts are fun to drive! This is just one reason golf carts are not immune to thieves. If you need to park your cart outside a garage or other secure area, you’ll want to take some precautions to keep it safe.

Check out these tips to help keep your golf cart parked where you left it.

  • Always remove the key from the switch when leaving your golf cart. You wouldn’t leave the keys in your automobile, so you shouldn’t leave your keys in your golf cart, either. This can be enough to deter some thieves.
  • If you can’t always park your golf cart in a garage or other locked space, park it in well-lit areas. If thieves can be seen and identified, they might avoid the area altogether.
  • Standard golf cart models are keyed the same way — that is, the same keys are used across all golf cart models. Consider purchasing a key switch. This gives you a key that is unique to your vehicle so others can’t use their keys. The switch can be installed when you order the golf cart, or by your local authorized E-Z-GO® dealer.
  • Consider using a tire and wheel lock if you’re parking your golf cart out in public. This device acts like a boot that police put on automobiles with too many parking tickets. The golf cart cannot be driven unless the device is unlocked and removed.
  • Keep your golf cart’s serial numbers written down to aid police in recovery in the event it is stolen. Your E-Z-GO® golf cart comes with serial numbers printed in multiple locations.

Keeping your golf cart secure is part of responsible ownership, and so is keeping it clean. These tips from E-Z-GO® can help you do both, so you can enjoy your golf cart for years to come. As always, refer to your owner’s manual for suggestions and guidance, or call your local dealer if you need any further assistance.